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Each Brazilian Zouk class takes place over 4 weeks; 2 hours per lesson. There will be one instructor for classes with 15 or less registrants, or two instructors for classes with 16 or more registrants.

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Date Time Instructor
October '14 Classes

1st lesson: Wed 8 Oct
2nd lesson: Wed 15 Oct
3rd lesson: Wed 29 Oct
4th lesson: Wed 5 Nov

7:30p - 9:30p


Status: In progress. Slots available.
No class on Wed 22 Oct due to Deepavali.

1st lesson: Sat 11 Oct
2nd lesson: Sat 18 Oct
3rd lesson: Sat 25 Oct
4th lesson: Sat 1 Nov

4:30p - 6:30p


Status: In progress. Slots available.

November '14 Classes

1st lesson: Thu 27 Nov
2nd lesson: Thu 4 Dec
3rd lesson: Thu 11 Dec
4th lesson: Thu 18 Dec

7:30p - 9:30p


Status: Pending. Slots available.

1st lesson: Sat 29 Nov
2nd lesson: Sat 6 Dec
3rd lesson: Sat 13 Dec
4th lesson: Sat 20 Dec

4:30p - 6:30p


Status: Pending. Slots available.
No class on Sat 22 Nov due to ZoukRUSH event.

*We reserve the right to cancel any class if the minimum number of students is not met.

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Brazilian Zouk Lambada (traditional Rio-style) is a partner dance, evolved from Lambada. A modern and slower version of Lambada,  it's a dance that is so many things... sensuous, graceful, beautiful, expressive, playful, romantic, funky and lots of fun! It's whatever the music and the mood calls for.

Unlike Salsa, which is led with the hands, Brazilian Zouk is led by more parts of the body, particularly by the hips. However, in various moves, partners are also connected by eye contact, legs, arms, shoulders, head, etc. It involves lots of tilted turns and dips, and close body movement.

Two of the most distinctive movements in Brazilian Zouk for the ladies involve arching of the back (the cambré) and head movements, most noticeably the rolling of the head during turns. These movements lend an air of sensuality to the dance.

Brazilian Zouk can be danced to many kinds of music. One of the reasons it is gaining popularity is Zouk can be danced to R&B songs (e.g. from Rihanna, Neyo, Craig David), dubstep and chillstep songs, hip hop songs, romantic songs, etc.

Brazilian Zouk is not only an elegant, graceful and beautiful dance, but it's also a good form of exercise. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be very flexible to do Brazilian Zouk. On the contrary, when you do Brazilian Zouk, you will become more flexible, and stronger, especially in your core, back and thigh muscles.

In this 2-hour x 4-lesson introductory workshop, you'll learn the basic steps, turns and partner moves of Brazilian Zouk, as well as some of the beautiful dips that are common to the dance. The steps and body movement are different from Salsa, Bachata, etc. so they will take some getting used to, if you already do those forms of dance.

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To view Zouk performances by the Two Left Feet Zouk performance team, click here!

Click here for a glimpse of students dancing at a Zouk Social at Two Left Feet.

Please note:

You do not need a partner to join the class. Classmates will be partnered up with each other, and partners will be rotated frequently.

As Zouk is a fairly intimate and physically-close dance, you have the option of staying with a specific partner during the workshop. However, we do recommend rotating partners and partnering with all your classmates during the workshop.

For greater mobility, please wear pants and proper dance shoes. No skirts allowed.

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Regular fee: $160 (works out to $20/hr)
Two Left Feeties fee:
For students who've taken at least one course at Two Left Feet.
$140 (works out to $18.50/hr)

Per-lesson fee:
For those who wish to try or can only attend one lesson. Please note that you will not be eligible for free refreshers.

$45 (works out to $22.50/hr)
Refresher fee: $0 Free!
For students who've taken this course before.
Course Duration: 2 hrs x 4 lessons

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What is Brazilian Zouk?

What is Brazilian Zouk? It's a dance that is so many things -. sensuous, graceful, beautiful, expressive, playful, romantic, funky and lots of fun! It's whatever the music and the mood calls for.

Here's a glimpse of
Two Left Feet students dancing Brazilian Zouk at a Brazilian Zouk dance night.

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Here's another example of a non-choreographed Brazilian Zouk dance by professional Zouk dancers Renata Pecanha and Jorge Peres.

For more post-workshop Zouk demos by renowned Zouk professors, hosted by Two Left Feet, see below:

Leonardo & Becky:

Renata & Jorge:

Alex & Daniela:

Alisson & Audrey:

About Brazilian Zouk at Two Left Feet:

Two Left Feet is the first dance school to offer classes on Brazilian Zouk (traditional Rio-style). Since their first Zouk workshop in July 2008, Two Left Feet now has a Zouk performance team, and has performed Zouk in various events in Singapore as well as in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Two Left Feet is also the only school to provide continuous classes on Zouk, from beginner to advanced classes.

Zouk classes are taught by Jean Goh and Wendy Yee, who were first introduced to Zouk in July 2008 by Brazilian dancer, Alisson Sandi. As their interest in Zouk grew, this was followed by even more personal instruction from Alisson, Jaime Jesus, Alex Carvalho, Renata Pecanha, and more. In March 2010, Jean & Wendy spent two and a half weeks in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, purely to advance their dance skills in Zouk. The experiences and insights they gained through social dancing and numerous group and private lessons have been simply invaluable, and they aim to pass this knowledge to all their students.

Today, Jean & Wendy continue to advance their skills in Brazilian Zouk through lessons with highly acclaimed Zouk professors (Alisson Sandi, Alex de Carvalho & Daniela Wergles, China & Luciana of SoukZouk, Renata Pecanha & Jorge Peres, Kadu & Larissa, Mafie Zouker), whenever the opportunity arises, through their travels or at Zouk congresses around the world.