Where to Get Dance Shoes in Singapore

When it comes to dance shoes for Salsa, there are quite a few options available. It all depends on your purpose of getting these dance shoes, as they vary in comfort and durability. Here's a quick summary of the type of shoes available:

  • Chinese Dance Shoes
    Very cheap (S$4), and therefore great for beginners. Too slippery for advanced dancing.
  • Dance Sneakers
    Pricey (around S$100) but comfortable. Lots of cushioning and therefore a little chunky. Good for classroom and club dancing.
  • Jazz Shoes
    Less pricey (around $60) but not as durable as dance sneakers, with less cushioning, But feet feel light and nimble. Good for classroom and club dancing.
  • Dance Heels
    Price ranges from S$30 to over S$100. Great for dancing in clubs. Being on heels helps the ladies to accentuate their hips and exude sensuality when they dance.

Chinese Dance Shoes

If you're not sure about investing in dance sneakers but need something you can dance in, you can purchase Chinese dance shoes for S$5. The smooth base allows for pivoting and you can throw them in the wash (they'll shrink by one size for sure). Do note that there is absolutely no arch support, so avoid wearing them for long hours. These shoes come in two types of soles, so make sure you get the ones with felt-based soles (light gray in color) as they're much smoother to spin on. Do not get the ones with plastic-based soles (yellow in color).

Dance Sneakers

Dance sneakers are great for class, and whenever you intend to spend long hours dancing. They're comfortable, have good shock-absorption and come in all kinds of snazzy designs. Dance sneakers are often characterized by split soles - instead of a single piece, the sole is divided into the front section, from toe to ball of foot, and the back section, which is under the heel. There is no sole under the middle section of the foot, which is where your arch is. The two most popular brands for dance sneakers are Capezio and Bloch.

When buying dance sneakers, be sure to choose a design that is suitable for the width of your feet. Certain Capezio designs are great for slim feet, while most Bloch designs are great for wider feet. Whatever your size, make sure that the shoe fits around your entire foot snugly. Don't get a shoe that's too big. It will make you feel clumsy and end up tripping you.

If cost is not an issue and you're in a hurry to get your shoes, you can buy your dance sneakers from any of the stores below. Do note that the prices will be much steeper than if you buy over the Internet (definitely over S$100), and the range of designs and sizes will be rather limited.

If time is not an issue and you want to get the lowest  price possible, the best place to shop is online. You can save up to 60% at times. The only disadvantage is you can't try the shoes for size and fit. So if you're looking to buy shoes online, you can either try your fellow salseroes' shoes (assuming they are wearing the design you want and are willing to let you put your foot in it), or create an outline of your foot and post it to the merchant. DO NOT FAX your outline, as the received fax is likely to show an image smaller than your actual size. To reduce shipping costs, try to accumulate a few orders before you make the purchase. You can also try the delivery service,  vPOST.

Jazz Shoes

Jazz shoes are great for practising and dancing in. They're thin and soft, so your feet feel light and this allows for more precise and quicker footwork. In addition, jazz shoes allow you to get a very good feel of the floor. It's akin to wearing socks with traction. Most jazz shoes have leather uppers, with some designs mixing neoprene and other materials. The soles can be full or split-sole, using suede or EVA.

Jazz shoes are relatively cheaper than dance sneakers, and definitely don't feel as bulky. However, they also don't last as long. So if wish to stretch the lifespan of your jazz shoes, keep it for the classroom only.

On the whole, jazz shoes are excellent for dancers keen on improving their footwork and spins, and looking to advance their dance skills.

You can purchase jazz shoes from the stores listed below, are over the Internet. Make sure you know your size if you intend to purchase them online. Jazz shoes should fit your feet snugly.

Dance Heels

Dance heels are available from S$30 to over S$100. The S$30 shoes can be found at OG, while the higher end models can be found at any store that sells dance shoes for ballroom dancing. The cloth straps can sometimes cut into your skin, so do test them well before buying (walk around lots and try your dance movements).

Stores in Singapore for Dance Sneakers, Jazz Shoes & Dance Heels
Sonata Dancewear (sells Capezio & Bloch dance sneakers)
181 Orchard Road
#03-06 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Operating Hours: Mon to Sun: 11a to 10p

Tel: +65 6738 2018
Web site: http://sonata-dancewear.com/
Capezio Singapore
583 Orchard Road
#02-17 Forum The Shopping Mall
Singapore 238884

Operating Hours: Mon to Sun: 1030a to 8p

Tel: +65 6732 0129
Email: okhbc@singnet.com.sg
Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/Capezio.Singapore/timeline

Costumes Connection (sells Sansha dance sneakers)
390 Victoria Street
#03-23, Golden Landmark
Singapore 188061

Operating Hours: Mon to Sat: 10a to 6p. Sun: 12p to 2p. Closed on Public Holidays.

Tel: +65 6292 5529
Fax: +65 6292 4339
Email: costumes@singnet.com.sg
Web site: http://www.costumesconnection.com.sg/

Supreme Dance Shoes (sells ballet flats and shoes for ballroom dancing)
101 Upper Cross Street
#03-34 People's Park Centre
Singapore 058357

Operating Hours: Mon & Thu: 1230p to 545p. All other days: 1230p to 8p. Closed on Public Holidays.

*Enjoy 10% off your dance shoe purchases. Just look for the boss (older gentleman) and present your Two Left Feet receipt.

Tel: +65 6535 5565
Fax: +65 6438 5688
Web site: http://www.supremedancewear.com
Cindini Dance International
Blk 531 Upper Cross Street
#03-47 Hong Lim Complex
Singapore 050531

Operating Hours: Mon - Wed & Fri: 12p to 7p. Sat & Sun: 11a to 5p.

Tel: +65 6533 1013
Web site: http://www.cindini.com.sg
Meidong Boutique (sells dance heels and shoes for ballroom dancing)
150 Orchard Road
#01-61 Orchard Plaza
Singapore 238841

Operating Hours: Mon to Sat: 9a to 830p. Sun & Public Holiday: 9a to 7p.

Tel: +65 67364709
Email: meidongshoes@gmail.com
Web site: http://www.meidongshoes.sg
Golden River Shoe
865 Mountbatten Road
#01-14 Katong Shopping Centre
Singapore 437844

Tel: +65 6344 2692
OG People's Park (sells dance heels)
100 Upper Cross St
Orchard Point
Singapore 058360

Operating Hours: Mon to Sun: 11a to 930p.

Tel: +65 6535 8888
Fax: +65 6535 7788
Web site: http://www.og.com.sg/ogpp_plist.html
Stores in Singapore for Chinese Dance Shoes
Bi Tian Mei Store
Blk 335 Smith Street, #01-49
Singapore 050335

When you face the escalator, look to your left and you should see the shop.

Tel: +65 6226 0650
Yue Hwa Chinese Products (sells cloth ballet flats)
Yue Hwa Building
70 Eu Tong Sen St
Singapore 059805

Tel: +65 6538 4222
Fax: +65 6538 4233
Email: info@yuehwa.com.sg
Web site: http://www.yuehwa.com.sg/
Online Stores  for Dance Sneakers & Heels
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